Monday, 13 April 2015

Well hello spring, we’ve been longingly expecting you.

I think we can just about pack away the winter wardrobe, spring flowers are blooming, the sun is peeking out and warming up and we've finally been able to stop eating the left over Easter chocolate for breakfast! So now is a good time to spring clean your skincare.  We’ve handpicked a selection of our tips and ideas, not just for your skin but your entire body and well-being as we move from one season to the next.
Exfoliate - at least once a week…
In spring you may find your skin becomes oilier, the best way to keep your skin tip top in terms of fresh looking and blemish free is to exfoliate:
Prepare the skin with a gentle exfoliator to draw out any impurities and refine the skin texture. Our 24/7 Balm £55 is truly brilliant exfoliant, use gently with the enclosed muslin cloth and it will decongest your skin leaving it visibly brighter and healthier. 

Minimal make-up look
As it gets warmer the dewy looking, minimal make-up look is what works best.  You can achieve this with a subtle application of a good fake tan finished off with a tinted moisturiser (we love Laura Mercier).  Why not try some of our favourite lip balm from By Terry..not only does it smell good enough to eat (it's the roses) but it also leaves your skin with a pretty pink tint and feeling suitably soft.

Hydrate inside and out…..
It’s an age-old rule, but please do remember to drink plenty of water all year round, the more dehydrated you are, the duller your complexion.  Also try to start the day with glass of cooled boiled water with a slice of lemon – once you get into the swing of these little tips it’ll become second nature and not doing it will seem stranger.

Sleep tight, sleep right
Nowadays there are so many statistics flying around about how many of us don’t get a good, solid nights sleep, over half of us suffer at some stage or other with sleep problems. With the evenings staying lighter and the sun appearing earlier in the mornings it can be even more difficult to get all the sleep you need.  Why don’t you try unwinding in a warm bath either with some essential oils such as rose and which are known for their soothing properties, or with Epsom Salts – I swear by these. They’re particularly good if you’re following a fitness regime too, they work wonders on muscles and joints as well as general well-being.  We love Eco Bath….natural, organic and work a treat.

Live life, love life x

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